Pathology Elective Courses

The following electives are available to second year medical students.

MPAT 601 Pathology Honors
This is a hospital-based pathology enrichment elective intended for students excelling in MPAT600. The top-performing students in MPAT600 will be invited in the Winter quarter to participate in Pathology Honors. In addition, any student with a strong interest in pathology may enroll in Pathology Honors with course director approval. Students are assigned to one of our hospital pathology settings where they will spend four or more hours weekly for a total of at least 20 hours. Opportunities vary in each setting but students may have the opportunity to assist at autopsies, review surgical biopsy specimens, attend professional tumor boards, and become familiar with cases using the microscope. This elective emphasizes close faculty supervision by full-time pathologists in a professional setting. The elective is currently conducted at affiliate hospitals in the Chicagoland area and on campus. Additionally, students will integrate the learning of pathology with its actual application to the practice of medicine.
Prerequisite: Must be enrolled in MPAT600A, B, C
Winter and Spring Quarters (2 units)


MPAT 622 Special Projects in Pathology 
Students participate in an independent project under the general direction of a faculty member.
Prerequisite: Consent of Department Chair.
Hours and credit to be arranged. 

MPAT 630 Pathology Literature Review
Under faculty guidance, the student prepares a formal presentation on a topic in anatomic pathology or laboratory medicine, submitted in seminar form and supplemented by a written presentation analogous to a manuscript submitted for publication. Required of students in the MS/MD program. Hours and credit to be arranged. 

MPAT 631 Advanced Hematology
An in-depth consideration of diseases of the hematopoietic and lymphoid systems and of hemorrhagic disorders, with considerable emphasis on etiology, pathogenesis, and clinical diagnostic approaches. The subjects covered are elaborations of topics previously introduced during the sophomore pathology course for medical students. Spring quarter. Dr. Schneider.

The following electives are available to fourth year medical students.

MPAT 800 Pathology Clerkship
Each four-week module will be devoted to Anatomic Pathology or Clinical Pathology. The student, depending on which category he/she chooses, will be exposed to autopsy pathology, surgical pathology, clinical chemistry, or diagnostic microbiology. Students will be under the direct supervision of one senior person in each area and will have the opportunity to interact with other faculty members in addition to the preceptor and will be expected to attend assigned conferences. Some "hands-on" bench work will be part of the experience. Students will be encouraged to correlate laboratory data and observations with clinical events. All quarters. Faculty based at affiliated hospitals.

MPAT 835 Forensic Pathology
Student will be assigned to a preceptor who is a full-time member of the staff of the Medical Examiner of Cook County. Student and all staff attend a morgue conference every morning for case assignments. Student will then participate in the autopsy and all aspects of case work-up. He/she will be seeing accidents, homicides, etc. Some time will be spent in the crime laboratory. A regular series of conferences is scheduled. Among these are brain cutting and weekly review of cases. Student may be responsible for preparing a short paper on a topic of interest. (Previous papers from students in this clerkship have been submitted for publication.) All quarters. 

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