Pediatric Clerkship Objectives:

  By the end of the clerkship, the junior medical student will be able to

 A.    Discuss the importance of growth and development in pediatrics and its clinical

        applications from birth to adolescence
B.    Gain an understanding of the influence of family, community and society on the child

        during health and disease
C.    Discuss the importance of pediatric anticipatory guidance, health promotion and injury

D.    Demonstrate the problem solving skills necessary for developing a pediatric differential

        diagnosis and treatment plan
E.     Appreciate and demonstrate the communication skills unique to caring for children

        and interacting with their parents
F.     Demonstrate competency in pediatric physical examination
G.    Discuss common acute and chronic pediatric illnesses and the pertinent data needed

        for the initial diagnosis and management of these conditions.
H.    Demonstrate the attitudes appropriate for the clinical practice of pediatrics.







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