Core Curriculum Lecture Series:


 M-1 Lecure Series      

 Anatomy:   8 Lectures  
    Introduction to Imaging  
    Upper Extremity  
    Lower Extremity  

 Physiology:   Imaging Cardiac Physiology  
   Neurosciences   Introduction  
    Imaging in Neurosciences  
 M-2 Lecture Series      
          Pathology:     2 Lectures  
     Pulmonary Pathology Imaging  
     Liver and Biliary Pathology Imaging  
           Neurosciences:    2 Hours  
     Imaging in Neurosciences  
   Essentials of Clinical Reasoning:     2 Lectures  
     Chest Imaging  
     Abdomen Imaging  
   Clinical Skills:     3 Lectures  
     Chest Imaging  
     Neurology Imaging  
     Skeletal Imaging  
 M-3 Lecture Series      
   Neurology        What to order in Neurology Regarding Imaging  
 Sophomore Elective Offered:    All enrollees must have completed and passed the
 year one Anatomy Course. 
MRAD 600  Introduction to Diagnostic Imaging Series    10 Diagnostic Lectures
     Important Concepts Every Student Needs to Know  
     Pediatric Radiology  
     Chest Radiology Featuring CT  
     Abdominal Imaging  
     Imaging Non-Traumatic Abdominal Pain  
     Imaging Acute Cervical Spine Trauma  
     Skeletal Imaging in Trauma  
     Radiation Oncology  
 Senior Electives Offered:      
·  Lovell Federal Health Care Center    MRAD 801  General Diagnostic Radiology  
·  Mount Sinai Hospital    MRAD 802  General Diagnostic Radiology Clerkship  
·  Advocate Lutheran General Hospital    MRAD 806  Introduction to Neuroradiology Clerkship  
·  Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center    MRAD 809  Diagnostic Radiology Clerkship  
 ·  Center for Advanced Care at
 Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
   MRAD 810  Radiation Therapy Clerkship  
·  Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital    MRAD 812  Vascular and Interventional Radiology Clerkship