MRAD 812


Held at

Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital
450 West Highway 22
Barrington, Illinois 60010

MRAD 812: Students will spend two (2) weeks at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital (AGSH) and will be given instruction by interventional radiology faculty under the supervision of Donald Waxler, M.D. and Scott Asselmeier, M.D. Students will shadow and receive one-on-one instruction during daily procedures in Interventional Radiology with involvement in post-procedure patient care, will perform pre- and post-interventional examinations, assist with procedures and discuss findings and treatment plans with the supervising interventional radiologist, and will develop an awareness of the indication of the various interventional procedures, how the procedure will benefit the patient, the risks and complications of the procedure and procedure outcomes.

Students will be required to give an oral and written presentation on the last day of their rotations and to turn in a course student evaluation to Stephen Florent, Undergraduate Medical Education Administrator for the CMS Department of Radiology.

There are no off campus assignments and no resident involvement. Scheduling instructions will be provided to the student on the first day of rotation. It is required that all students meet Health Insurance, Liability Coverage and HIPAA requirements prior to starting their rotation. Students must be in attendance on the first day of the rotation for which they apply and may be allowed up to one day absence during the elective if approved by the course director in advance.

Prerequisite: Students must have completed their third year clerkships and a four-week diagnostic radiology elective prior to being approved for MRAD 812.

Duration: 2 Weeks (1 student per rotation)

Applicants: Students may register for the course by completing an Intramural Selective Application form and the AGSH Application and Immunization forms which can be found in the “Forms” (for Advocate) section of the CMS Student Affairs portion of Rosalind Franklin University’s website, and sending to the CMS/RFUMS Office for Student Affairs (OSA) for clearance from OSA to take the elective. After OSA clears the application, it will be forwarded to the CMS/RFUMS and AGSH Radiology Departments for final approval. Applications will be considered on a ‘first-come, first-served by application’ basis. Students will be notified by the CMS/RFUMS Department of Radiology when their applications have been accepted.

If a student wishes to cancel an approved application, written notification to both the CMS Office for Student Affairs and the CMS Department of Radiology is required and should be done at least four weeks before the beginning of the rotation date.

Enrollees: On the first day of the rotation, students are to report at 8:00 AM to Kathi Barta in the Radiology Department at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital, located on the first floor at 450 West Highway 22, Barrington, Illinois. Students will be given a brief orientation and tour of the department by Ms. Barta and must complete all documentation required by GSH. Students must at all times display both the hospital badge and their school ID badge and must wear a clean lab coat. On the last day, before leaving, students must have an exit interview with the principal preceptor and return the AGSH badge to Ms. Barta at AGSH. Evaluation-Grade sheets are completed for students who have completed the exit interview process. Upon completion of the course, students are required to prepare a course evaluation.

Special notes on attendance: No absence will be approved in advance for any non-emergency during this two-week rotation, except such days (e.g., holidays that fall within the rotation period) as designated by Dr. Waxler. Students calling in sick should phone Kathi Barta at 847-842-4360, as well as Stephen Florent at 847-578-3345, CMS Radiology Department office. If a student has an interview scheduled before the elective begins, student must notify Stephen Florent when they apply, or as soon as they know. Once the elective begins, with prior approval by the Course Director, students may be excused for up a maximum of one (1) day for residency interview. Questions may be directed to Stephen Florent, Undergraduate Medical Education Administrator in the Department of Radiology at CMS/RFUMS at (847) 578-3345, or to the Chicago Medical School, Department of Radiology Curriculum Director, Donald Waxler, M.D. at (847) 578-3346.