MRAD 801

DIAGNOSTIC RADIOLOGY Senior Intramural Elective

Based at
Lovell Federal Health Care Center (LFHCC)
Imaging Services
3001 Green Bay Road
North Chicago, IL 60064

MRAD 801:  Students will spend four (4) weeks at LFHCC and will function under the supervision of Piyush Vyas, M.D., Chief, Imaging Services, LFHCC.  Hours are 8:30 to 4:30 each day of the rotation, except on holidays that are shared by CMS and LFHCC.  Students will shadow and receive one-on-one instruction, as well as didactic lectures and attend interdisciplinary conferences given by faculty.  Supplemental didactic lectures will also be provided and given on campus at RFUMS.  A syllabus and lecture schedule will be provided to enrollees before or during the first week of the clerkship.

Duration:  4 Weeks.

Prerequisite:   M4 Status  (including completion of all third year clerkships).

Elective Requirements:  Students will be required to give an oral and written presentation on the last day of their rotations and submit the written presentation to Stephen Florent by email to, attend all scheduled didactic lectures, be in attendance on all days (unless prior approval has been received for absence) and submit a course evaluation with the CMS Department of Radiology Office at the end of their rotation. 

Textbooks and learning resources are available and may be checked out from the CMS Department of Radiology library. 

Applicants:  Students must complete all requirements for taking electives at the LFHCC facilities in accordance with instructions provided by the CMS Office for Student Affairs.  Students are to send the Intramural Elective Application Request Form to the Office of Student Affairs (OSA).  Refer to the instructions for LFHCC applications found on the CMS OSA website.  Students should include current phone numbers and email addresses on the applications.    Applications will be considered on a ‘first-come, first-served basis only and notification of enrollment will be sent to the student by the OSA Office.  Any known appointment obligating the student to be absent during this four-week rotation must be forwarded by email to, Undergraduate Medical Education Administrator for the Department of Radiology.   Once the rotation begins, approval must be granted by Dr. Vyas  prior to the absence.  

If a student wishes to cancel an approved application, a cancellation notification to the CMS OSA office is required, and must be done at least four weeks before the beginning of the rotation date.

Special notes on attendance:

Enrollees:  Students may be allowed up to two days maximum for interviews or extracurricular appointments during the chosen four-week rotation.  Prior to the rotation beginning, students seeking approval for absences must contact Stephen Florent with the CMS Department of Radiology to secure approval, and to notify him of the dates you will be out.  After the rotation begins, students must seek prior approval to be out from Dr. Vyas, and notify Stephen Florent of the absence.   (Students who anticipate interviews numbering more than the two days of absence allowed should choose a four-week rotation that does not include interviews.)

When the LFHCC and CMS/RFUMS share the same holiday, students will be excused; otherwise, students will need to receive approval for any other absence by notifying Stephen Florent, Undergraduate Medical Education Administrator for the Dept of Radiology.

Day One of Rotation:

Report  at 8:00 a.m. to the Academic Affairs, Bldg 9, second floor and see Beve Bartley and/or Tory Macintyre.  You'll receive further direction and forms from them.

Bring with you your:
  1.  Immunization Forms, including updated PPD and Flu Vaccination Record
  2. Two forms of ID
  3. Student ID    Your Student ID MUST be worn at all times.
  4. MTT Certificate Form from the online training you did.
FHCC Contact Info:
Beve Bartley - Academic Affairs: 224.610.3094
Tory Macintyre - Academic Affairs: 224.610.3095

Questions may be directed to Stephen Florent, Undergraduate Medical Education Administrator in the CMS Department of Radiology at (847) 578-3345.