MRAD 809

DIAGNOSTIC RADIOLOGY Senior Intramural Elective

Held at:
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center
836 West Wellington Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60657

MRAD 809: CMS Students will spend 4 weeks at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center (AIMMC) and receive instruction directly from the Radiology faculty on site under the supervision of Gleb Gorelick, M.D., Principal Preceptor.  There are no off campus assignments. Lecture schedules will be provided to the student when the student registers. It is required that all students meet Health Insurance, Liability Coverage and HIPAA requirements prior to starting their rotation.

Duration: 4 Weeks

Requirements:   Only M-4 students who are interested in a Radiology Residency

Applications:   Request Form for Intramural Senior Electives for this elective must be submitted to the CMS Office for Student Affairs (OSA).   Students should include current phone numbers and email addresses on the applications.  Applications will be considered on a "first-come, first -served" basis.  Applicants must be able to be in attendance on the first day of the rotation for orientation.  If enrollee plans to be absent during the four-week rotation, notice must be forwarded by email to   

If a student wishes to cancel an approved application, a Cancellation Form must be submitted to the CMS OSA at least four weeks before the beginning of the rotation date

Special Notes on AIMMC Forms:  Upon approval by OSA, all forms must be completed no later than 5 weeks from the start of the rotation!  Forms should be sent to Marilyn McLeod, Coordinator, Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program at AIMMC.   Make sure that every line item on the form is filled out before you send your forms.  This should be done AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE NOTICE THAT YOU'VE BEEN APPROVED.

Forms to be completed:

  • Advocate Health Care Medical Education Student/Resident Medical and Immunization Clearance Form  ( Flu vaccinations MUST be documented on health form for the current flu season.)
  • Medical Student Information Form
  • Non-Employee Confidentiality Agreement
  • If the student has a positive TB result, a completed TB Test/Health History Questionnaire is required.

All completed applications must be submitted at least 5 weeks prior to the elective.   Applicants are subject to being cancelled or rejected if forms and ALL information are not complete and submitted on time, even though they are initially approved to take the elective.  Additionally, Advocate Forms must be filled out for every rotation taken at Illinois Masonic.  Do not assume that because you were cleared for a rotation even one month ago, you will be cleared for a new rotation.   Clearance is determined on whether or not the forms are completed, and that the student is a M-4.

Health forms submitted after receiving initial acceptance to a rotation must include up-to-date immunizations that will be effective throughout the rotation dates being requested, including Day 1 to the last day.  (If an immunization expires at any point in a rotation, the student will not be cleared to take the elective until a new immunization has been taken prior to the first day of the rotation.)   The Respirator Fit Test information on the Immunization Clearance Form must be completed (this is no longer optional).  Any student who does not have immunizations covering them throughout their rotation dates run the risk of being 'turned away at the door' when they arrive for their clerkship.  (Advocate forms and the Request Form for Intramural Senior Electives can be accessed through the CMS Office for Student Affairs website.) 

Enrollees:  On the first day of the rotation, students are to report to the Lower Level of the main hospital building at 836 West Wellington Avenue at 8:30 a.m. and wait in the reception area.   Use the silver elevators behind the reception desk to get to the lower level.    Marilyn McLeod, from the AIMMC Department of Radiology, will greet students, and begin orientation.   Students must wear both the hospital badge and their school ID badge, and a clean short white lab coat, at all times.  (Any student who refuses to do so, will be dismissed.)  The Chief Resident or a senior resident will then orient them further regarding the operations of the department, hours, etc.

Day One:
 Students must arrive wearing their school ID badges, clean short white lab coats and appropriate attire. It is recommended that students do not carry valuables in their coats or book bags as they are stored in the Residents’ Conference Room, which is an open area.

For parking on "Day 1", it is best to either park on the street, or take the EL and get off at the Wellington stop which is right in front of the hospital.   During the day on "Day 1", students will be given an opportunity to go to the Parking Office in the main garage and obtain stickers and information for the free parking lot.  Note:  The paid parking lot/garage is not free!  If you park there, you will be expected to pay.

Enrolled Students:  As part of their information packet, students are given a brief 4-week rotation schedule describing which Radiologists are teaching which subjects each week during their 4-week rotation. They are instructed to meet with Dr. Gleb Gorelick, Principal Preceptor, that day to discuss the rotation and their objectives for the rotation. This is a brief meeting meant to introduce students to each other and define goals. Dr. Gorelick will discuss requirements and expectations for the rotation, which includes a presentation at the end of the rotation on a mutually agreed upon topic. Radiology texts are available but are not to be removed from the Radiology Residents’ Conference Room. Dr. Gorelick will complete the students’ Evaluation-Grade Sheets after the presentations are completed.

On the last day, before leaving, students must take their Radiology Test, return their Radiology book and complete the AIMMC Clearance procedure, which requires completing a Clearance form and taking it to the AIMMC Medical Library where the librarian signs off that the student has no outstanding texts or books. The student then returns the form and their AIMMC badge to Marilyn McLeod. Once this is done, the completed grade sheet  is  sent to the school. If the completed Clearance form and the ID badge are not returned, the grade sheet is not sent to the school.  Upon completion of the course, students are required to prepare a course evaluation.

Special notes on attendance:

Students may be allowed up to two days (maximum) for interviews, extracurricular appointments, optional religious holidays, moving, etc., during the chosen four-week rotation.  Prior to the rotation, students must notify Stephen Florent of any absences the student is planning to take at the time they confirm that they are going to attend.  Any known absences prior to the rotation, but after confirmation of the rotation must also be submitted to Stephen Florent.    After the rotation has begun,  they must receive approval in advance from Dr. Gleb Gorelick.   All requests by enrollees for approval of absence must be in writing as soon as student is aware of them. Those who anticipate interviews numbering more than the two days of absence allowed should choose another four-week rotation during a period when interviews are not underway.  

Students will be excused on the dates below during their chosen four-week rotations (these will not count towards the three day maximum of approved absences):

Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day

Students will be expected to be at AIMMC on the following holidays unless given special advance excused leave by Dr. Gleb Gorelick (if taken, these will count towards the two day maximum of approved absences):

Yom Kippur
Friday after Thanksgiving Day
1/2-Day on Christmas Eve
1/2-Day on New Year’s Eve
Good Friday
Columbus Day
Veterans’ Day
Martin Luther King Day
Presidents’ Day
Any other holiday not in the aforementioned

Questions may be directed to Marilyn McLeod at AIMMC, (773) 296-7820, or to Stephen Florent, Undergraduate Medical Education Administrator in the Department of Radiology at CMS/RFUMS at (847) 578-3345, or to the Chicago Medical School, Department of Radiology, Chair, John Anastos, D.O. at (847) 723-8236.