MRAD 810

RADIATION THERAPY Senior Radiology Intramural Elective

Held at:

Center for Advanced Care
Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
1700 Luther Lane, 1st Floor
Park Ridge, IL 60068

MRAD 810: Students will spend 4 weeks (or 2- or 3-weeks - see Special Duration below) in the Center for Advanced Care at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital (ALGH). There are no off campus assignments. Scheduling instructions will be provided to the student on the first day of rotation. Students will spend approximately four hours in tumor conferences and will be given one hour of formal lectures each week. It is required that all students meet Health Insurance, Liability Coverage and HIPAA requirements prior to starting their rotation. Students must have completed their third year clerkships prior to being approved for MRAD 810.

Duration: 4 Weeks; maximum one student per rotation.

Special Duration: Students whose intended specialty is radiation oncology may be accepted for a 2-week or a 3-week rotation at the discretion of Dr. Chang. Approval for 2- or 3-week rotations are on a case by case basis. Students who are accepted for a 2- or 3-week rotation will be expected to cover everything covered in the 4-week rotation, in a condensed version, as directed by Dr. Chang.

Applicants: Students may apply for the course by completing a Request Form for Intramural Senior Electives and submitting to the Office of Student Affairs office. The ALGH required (immunization, confidentiality) forms should be sent to Sharon Hartwig at the CMS Radiology Department once the student has been notified that they've been approved to take the rotation. Applications will be considered on a ‘first-come, first-served by application’ basis to the OSA office. Students will be notified by the CMS Department of Radiology when their applications have been accepted. If a student wishes to cancel enrollment, written notifications to both the CMS Office for Student Affairs and the CMS Department of Radiology are required and should be done at least four to six weeks before the beginning of the rotation date. Students are expected to be in attendance on the first day of the rotation for which they are applying and are not to have any obligations that require the student to be absent during the elective, other than pre-approved interviews.

Enrollees: On the first day of the rotation, students are to report at 8:30 A.M. to Tara Murphy at the Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, located at 1775 Dempster St, Park Ridge, taking the 6th floor south elevator. You will receive information from Tara prior to "Day 1" of your rotation. Students will be given a brief orientation and tour of the department and must complete all documentation required by ALGH. Students must at all times display both the hospital badge and their school ID badge and must wear a clean lab coat. On the last day, before leaving, students must have an exit interview with student's assigned preceptor, and return the ALGH badge to Public Safety at ALGH. Evaluation-Grade sheets are issued for students who have fulfilled the course requirements,and have completed the exit interview process. Upon completion of the course, students are required to prepare a course evaluation.

Special notes on attendance: Students must receive approval for an excused absence for interviews prior to taking the course, or as soon as the interview is tentatively scheduled by contacting Stephen Florent, Undergraduate Medical Education Administrator for the CMS Radiology Department. Once the rotation has begun, students calling in sick should phone the Center for Advanced Care office at (847) 723-8030 as well as Stephen Florent at (847)578-3345 CMS School office. Students will not be excused for any non-emergency absence during this four-week rotation, except days (such as holidays that fall within the rotation period) as designated and approved by assigned preceptor. Written documentation of approval to miss must be forwarded to Sharon Hartwig

Questions may be directed to Siavash Jabbari, M.D. at the Center for Advanced Care (847) 723-8030, or to Stephen Florent, Undergraduate Medical Education Administrator in the CMS Department of Radiology at RFUMS at (847) 578-3345, or to the Chicago Medical School, Department of Radiology Chair, John Anastos, D.O. at (847) 723-8236.