In the fall of 2013 Chicago Medical School inaugurated its four Houses.  Each House consists of four vertically-affiliated learning communities, including one from each class.  The four houses were named for exemplary historic CMS graduates, Fannie Emanuel, MD, 1915; Caesar Portes, MD, 1928; Herbert Lipschultz, MD, 1948; and Marion Finkel, MD, 1952. 

Emanuel House

Dr. Fannie Emanuel, Class of 1915

  • General practitioner
  • First African-American female CMS graduate
  • Established a settlement house for all races

Portes House


Dr. Caesar Portes, Class of 1928

  • Proctologist and surgeon
  • Pioneer in cancer screening
  • Founded Portes Clinic in Chicago for comprehensive screening

Lipschultz House


Dr. Herbert Lipschultz, Class of 1948

  • Family physician and role model
  • Beloved CMS teacher and alumni leader
  • Fostered alumni networking
  • Skokie Board of Health President

Finkel House

Dr. Marion Finkel, Class of 1952

  • Internist and pharmaceutical researcher
  • Worked for the Food and Drug Administration
  • Directed the Office of Orphan Products Development