Chicago Medical School
Ronald S. Kaplan, BA, MS, PhD
Vice Dean for Research, CMS
Executive Vice President for Research, RFUMS
Phone: 847-578-8538

As the Vice Dean for Research, Dr. Ronald Kaplan provides leadership for research activities within the Chicago Medical School, and liaisons with research activities throughout RFUMS. In collaboration with the Dean, the Vice Dean assists in the development of research strategies, faculty and Chair recruitment, oversight of Basic Science Department research operations, procurement of capital equipment, and acts as a steward for the research objectives encompassed within the strategic plan of CMS.

Kenneth E. Neet, MS, PhD
Associate Dean for Research, CMS
Phone: 847-578-3220

As the Associate Dean for Research, Dr. Kenneth Neet assists the Vice Dean with the coordination of research activities within the Chicago Medical School, encourages and advises medical students on research opportunities, oversees the MDDR program, manages the Summer Research Program, and helps provide other liaison with research activities throughout RFUMS.

 Robert Marr, PhD
Assistant Dean for Research, CMS
Phone: 847-578-8541
 As the Assistant Dean for Research, Dr. Robert Marr reports to the Dean and Vice Dean and provides leadership for student involvement in research activities within the medical school. In collaboration with the Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Neet, he manages research activities throughout the university in order to identify the greatest breadth of student research opportunities.

The CMS Office of Research promotes high quality biomedical research and bridges between basic, translational, and clinical research activities on the main campus and affiliated sites.

Depicted below are links to: i) a section detailing the outstanding and varied research conducted by CMS faculty; and ii) a section describing the research opportunities available to CMS students. We are dedicated to providing an outstanding research experience for any student who wishes to engage in this area.