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Replacement Diplomas

A replacement diploma can only be issued if the original diploma has been irretrievably lost or destroyed.  If you require a replacement diploma, please complete the Request for a Replacement Diploma. All Request for a Replacement Diploma forms require a notary and cannot be faxed. You must mail the form or drop it off in the Registrar’s Office in person. A $75 fee is required for processing.

The word "Duplicate" will appear on the face of the replacement diploma unless you can also send us back the original (damaged) diploma. A duplicate diploma cannot be issued in a name other than that under which it was conferred originally.

Please note that Registrar's Office does not generally process any name changes for former students after graduation, though you can update the Alumni Office with new information. The Registrar's Office does not issue updated diplomas or other documents to reflect subsequent name changes, as these are considered historical records, dated with a past date, and must reflect that point in the past. The only exceptions are for a legal gender change, or that in the case of a divorce we can change it to the maiden name or other previous name that had already existed on record as of the original date of graduation (but not to any new name that only came into existence later).

Request for a Replacement Diploma (PDF)