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Explanation of University Fees

Administrative Fees
Fee Cost Explanation
Graduation Fee $100 One time non refundable fee that is added to the student account.  The fee is required regardless of whether he/she intends to participate in the commencement ceremony. Students completing more than one program will be charged an additional graduation fee.
Diploma Replacement Fee $75 If the original diploma is lost or destroyed, this fee will cover the printing and secure mailing of a replacement diploma.
Transcript Fee $10 This fee covers the cost of printing and mailing official transcripts.
ID Replacement Fee $7 Replacement fee is for lost, stolen or damaged ID Cards. First original ID Card is supplied by the University.
Parking Permit $20 One-time fee of $20 charged to purchase parking permit hang tag. Parking permit hang-tags are transferable to other vehicles. A $5 replacement charge will be incurred if lost, stolen or damaged.
Student Fees
Fee Cost Explanation
Executive Student Council Fee $40 per academic year RFU Students* enrolled in the University are members of the University Student Government and required to pay student dues.
Student Service Fee $150 The Student Services fee is billed annually to each matriculated student. This fee supplements operational budgets in direct support of all students. All students have the opportunity to give input on how these fees are directed by completing the Student Satisfaction Survey, which assesses students’ satisfaction levels with the services available to them on campus.
Technology Fee $225 Each student is charged this fee which is used for researching, developing, purchasing, and maintaining technology related products (both hardware and software) that directly assists students in their University experience.
*Online Education students excluded
Library Fees
Fee Cost Explanation
Library Fines $1 Reserve Collection items, Include books and anatomical models. $1.00 charged for every five minutes overdue.
Library Fines $1 6 hour loans (headphones, keyboard, and mouse). $1 charged for every five minutes overdue.
Library Fines $5 24 hour loans (dry eraser/marker, power strip). $5 charged per day overdue.
Library Fines $5 7 day loans (bound print journals). $5 per day overdue.
Library Fines $1 14 day loans (books). $1 per day overdue.
Library Fines Variable Lost items - full replacement cost plus additional $15 non-refundable processing fee.
College of Pharmacy Fees
Fee Cost Explanation
Lab Fee $200 Pharmacy skills and pharmaceutics laboratory fees (years 1-3).
Student Tech License $30 License required for Experiential Education yearly renewal (years 1-4).
Immunization Certificate Training $95 1st year only.
Drug & Background Check $124 Annual requirement for Experiential Education (years 1-3).
Basic Life Support Certificate $50 Biannual requirement for immunization certification (1st and 3rd year).
NAPLEX Review Course $380 Review course for licensure exam preparation (4th year only).
Nurse Anesthesia Fees
Fee Cost Explanation
Typhon Fee $145 Typhon is a software program that tracks clinical experiences for students, and provides required information for the certifying body for nurse anesthesia. Students must use the Typhon system to record and report their clinical experience.
AANA SRNA Membership $200 The fee covers the cost of student membership to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. This membership provides many benefits, one of which is discounted meeting fees at program mandated professional meetings.
Drug Testing $38 This fee covers the cost of drug testing that is required by the clinical sites in order to be credentialed to practice as an SRNA resident.
Prodigy $370 This fee covers the cost for the national certification exam review materials, quizzes and prep exams that prepare students for the national certification exam.
Precordial/Esophageal Stethoscope Ear Mold $175 This fee covers the cost of providing a personal ear mold stethoscope that will be used throughout your professional career.
Simulation Fee $390 This fee covers the disposable simulation products. These include but are not limited to spinal, epidural, central line, & cricothyroidotomy kits.
NBCRNA Self Evaluation Exam (SEE) $160 This fee covers the cost of the NBCRNA self- evaluation exam, which is taken four-six months prior to graduation.
AANA Substance Abuse Training $240 This fee covers the cost of the AANA sponsored Substance Abuse Training Program.
Book Fee $2,500 This fee is used to cover the textbooks necessary for each course during enrollment.
APEX Fee $350 The Apex Anesthesia Review fee is an online SRNA review course that provides students with a comprehensive review, including multiple tutorials and question banks on topics tested on the NBCRNA board exam.
Chicago Medical School Fee
Fee Cost Explanation
Simulation Fee $200 The use of simulation is becoming an ever increasing component within the CMS curriculum. This fee helps support the maintenance and replacement of simulation products, as well as supporting the expense of utilizing standardized patients in CMS simulation activities.
Physician Assistant
Fee Cost Explanation
Medical Equipment Kit $750 Costs associated with medical equipment required during the program.
Doctor of Physical Therapy Fee
Fee Cost Explanation
Academic Fee $300 Administrative fees, paid in years 1-3 of the DPT program, will be used to cover laboratory costs for non-renewable supplies, and costs of selected student laboratory and educationally related items/expenses during the three year DPT curriculum.
Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine Fees
Fee Cost Explanation
IPMSA Dues $63 All enrolled students of Scholl College become members in the Scholl College Student Government.
APMSA Dues $50 All enrolled students of Scholl College become members in the National Student Council, APMSA, as well as the American Podiatric Medical Association.
Administrative/Activity Fee $150 Mandatory matriculation fee to support student activates as well as to support the education of the student.
Lab Fee 1 $265 Anatomy laboratory fee.
Lab Fee 3 $145 Psychomotor skills lab fee.
Lab Fee 4 $145 Education and evaluation lab fee.
Skeletal Fee $220 All enrolled first year students are required to purchase a bone box to augment their studies in clinical anatomy and lower extremity anatomy.
Instrument Fee $525  All enrolled second year students are required to purchase a standardized instrument package to start their clinical skills rotation.
Tool Kit Fee $172  All enrolled first year podiatry students are required to purchase the P1 instrument kit in order to complete the workshops in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Course.
Student Housing Fees
Fee Cost Explanation
Key Replacement/Lock Change $100 Standard key replacement and re-core charge is established by the Student Housing Contract (other charges may apply).
Mailbox Key Replacement $25 Standard mailbox key replacement is charged as established by the Student Housing Contract.
Damage Charges Variable A resident is responsible for any damage or loss that occurs during his or her occupancy.
Student Housing Pre-Payment $500 All enrolled first year students are required to purchase a bone box to augment their studies in clinical anatomy and lower extremity anatomy.
Student Account Fees
Fee Cost Explanation
NSF Fee $25 This charge is applied to student accounts when a check is returned to the University for non-sufficient funds.
Late Fee Assessment Tiered Students who fail to pay before or on the due date for tuition and fees will be assessed a late payment fee each month.  The fee is based on the amount of the outstanding balance.
RFU Payment Plan Processing Fee $10 A quarterly processing fee is charged to students who are enrolled in the RFU Monthly Payment Plan.  The fee covers administration and maintenance. 
Student Insurance Fees
Fee Cost Explanation
CMS Disability Insurance Varies. ±$350/year This fee covers the cost of the Disability Insurance premium. The AAMC requires all medical schools provide disability insurance to their medical students. Cost is based on age of the student at time of application. Premiums are billed once yearly on the fall term tuition bill for M2-M4 and in the winter term for M1.
Scholl Disability Insurance $105/year All enrolled students of Scholl College are required to participate in the disability insurance program offered through the American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine.
Student Health Insurance Variable All RFU students are required to maintain enrollment in a comprehensive medical insurance plan while an active student. Proof of outside coverage must be given in order to waive RFU coverage. All full-time students are automatically enrolled in a PPO Plan effective the first day of class. Insurance premiums are billed quarterly on a students billing statement.
Dental and Vision Insurance Variable Dental and Vision coverage are available as well. Dental and Vision insurances are both optional. Insurance premiums are billed quarterly on a students billing statement.