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Strategies & assistance for financial wellbeing.

Strategies & assistance for financial wellbeing.

Getting a graduate degree for a career in healthcare professions and sciences brings great rewards, but it also involves a significant investment that should be carefully considered.

We’re here to help navigate what can be a confusing and stressful aspect of your education. In addition to being as clear as possible about the costs involved with being a student at RFU, we’re also committed to guiding you and your family through the financial aid process and offering practical strategies that will help make your vocational dreams possible. 

RFU’s approach to financial literacy:

  • RFU is committed to looking out for the overall wellbeing of our students. Financial wellbeing is one of the five core aspects of student wellbeing identified and addressed by the University. 
  • We are committed to providing financial literacy tools and approaches that are geared specifically towards graduate-level students and their particular needs.
  • “Ask, plan, act” is our three-step approach to helping students manage their finances: We help them ask the right questions, put together a plan, and then move forward acting on that plan.
  • We continue to work with our alumni after graduation, as they begin their careers and start paying off any loans.
  • In addition to helping students who make appointments in our office, we offer a variety of financial literacy resources, including our Lunchtime Financial Aid Power Sessions.