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COMPASS: Financial Literacy

In response to the growing concern about the financial wellness of students at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, and the increase in student debt and complex repayment methods, the Office of Student Financial Services started to think about how to expand current financial literacy outreach efforts. 


Inspire confidence through financial education geared towards health professions students by using resources that contribute to positive and informed financial decisions leading to a financially well balanced lifestyle.


Prepare students to have the confidence in their financial future and are able to meet their financial goals.


  • Transparency: We want to be clear about the complexities of financial wellness and financial aid.
  • Intentionality: We want to be intentional with who we partner with, what programs we host, and when we put out the information to the students.
  • Integrity: We refuse to present on material we are not 100% confident in, we will bring in third-party presenters to ensure accuracy of information.
  • Inclusion: We need to ensure inclusion in everything we do.

Financing Your Health Profession Education Course

Developing financial wellness starts with understanding how finances work. We have created a course designed to help you at every transition during your health professions education. We have also partnered with CashCourse to assist students with this. CashCourse is FREE to students and offers many tools and resources, including courses and calculators.

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Programs and Counseling

Financial Literacy in partnership with the Office of Student Financial Services hosts outreach events and presentations throughout the academic year. Topics included, but are not limited to budgeting, credit, debt management, and financial aid. Visit Engage to view upcoming events, download presentations, or make a suggestion for a future request.

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Tools and Resources

Find an extensive list of tools and resources for students at all life stages looking to become more financially literate.

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