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Fitness Classes

The Office of Student Life provides weekly fitness classes that are free to all RFUMS students. Classes are on a first come first serve basis and may have limited numbers available for each session.


Designed for all ages and fitness levels, spin offers participants a fun and engaging workout opportunity that is focused on building your cardiovascular strength and endurance.

Women’s Strength

This basic strength class is open to gym goers of all experiences who are looking for
targeted exercises and instruction guided towards building muscular balance and

Abs and Ends

Get ready to fire up your core muscles and put your glutes to work! This short, intense
workout will help you create a strong foundation of strength and stability for your torso and hips that will help your other activities be safer and more effective.

Hip Hop Aerobics

Join our certified Xtreme Hip Hop Step Aerobics instructor as she guides you through
specialized movements while using a step aerobic board. During this class, all participants will learn hip hop and step aerobic moves while getting a total cardio and full body workout. Wear comfortable gym shoes.

Mindful Meditation

Sessions include a variety of mindfulness meditation practices including gentle moving meditations, guided meditations, restorative meditations, breathing techniques, and seated practice. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to reduce stress, improve
focus and sleep, and enjoy balance, peace, and presence.

Various Styles of Yoga

Yoga - A conditioning class for your mind, body, and soul that promotes an overall
sense of well-being. This class will improve your strength, flexibility, and breathing. All levels welcome; limited mats are provided.

Power Yoga - Move through a series of yoga poses sequenced and cued to build heat and energy. This Power Vinyasa class will ignite your core and include a few optional arm balances.

Slow Flow and Restorative Yoga - This class will include mindful movements geared towards the relief of stress and tension in your body and mind. We will start with a gentle flow focusing on chest opening and stretching to counterbalance the effects of sitting, studying and working. The class will conclude with guided meditation in restorative yoga poses.

Hip hip hooray! - This vinyasa flow yoga class will include mindfully sequenced hip opening postures with the intention of releasing back pain as well as counteracting the effects of walking, running, cycling, and sitting! 

Stretch and Tone - Feeling tight from sitting in class, studying all day or working? Take a quick break to come stretch it out and wake up your muscles! We’ll focus on lengthening, breathing, and abdominal strengthening to really center your mind and fire up your core. All fitness levels will benefit from this relaxing but empowering class.

Virtual Chair Yoga - Move and stretch without having to leave your desk! This class is designed to be time efficient as you do not have to travel anywhere or change clothes, but can still receive the benefits of yoga including stress relief, strengthening movements and stretching exercises. Regroup and revitalize for the rest of your day!