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Common Questions

How do I apply to live at Woodlands on Green Bay?
All students can apply at Applications are then forwarded to the RFUMS Office of Student Housing, who verifies your enrollment at RFUMS and assigns you to an apartment that most closely matches your preferences. The Office of Student Housing will then contact you with a Welcome Letter containing your apartment details, costs, and leasing information. The Office of Student Housing will forward your information to the Woodlands Management Office who draft your lease for the assigned apartment.

How do I confirm a space at Woodlands on Green Bay?
After your apartment assignment has been forwarded to the Woodlands Management Office, you will receive a Welcome Letter. The Welcome Letter will need to be returned with signature showing you accept the terms of your assigned apartment, and a $265.00 non-refundable administrative fee will be required to secure the apartment.

Is the lease through RFUMS or the Woodlands Management Office?
All apartment leases are issued from the Woodlands Management Office.

How many months is the lease?
To correlate with the beginning of Fall Quarter at RFUMS, standard leases at Woodlands on Green Bay are 10-12 months in length and begin between August 1- August 6 of each academic year, or mid-May for students beginning their program in Summer Quarter. However, leases will be available to begin at anytime and have designated end dates of May 31 or July 31 as appropriate for your academic needs.

How are roommates assigned?
If you would like to share an apartment with another RFUMS student, you have two options. First, you can provide the name of a student you wish to be placed with on your application. Roommates who list each other as preferred roommates will be placed together as long as they also have chosen the same #1 preference for apartment. Secondly, if you do not know of a student you wish to share an apartment with, we can assign you a roommate based on preferences you submit on your application form. Roommate information will be given during the month prior to move in and after you submit your signed Welcome Letter and administrative fee. If you have a roommate you will each be responsible for the rent associated with your Bedroom assignment. Should your roommate move out mid year, you will only be responsible for the rent of your bedroom, but you could be assigned another roommate anytime.

What costs am I responsible for in addition to rent?
In addition to rent, each student is responsible for paying electric and gas utilities. Students report the average costs of electric and gas utilities total approximately $120.00 each month. In addition, if you would like cable tv services in your apartment you will need to separately contract for these services through Comcast at their standard rates. Roommates residing in the same apartment are expected to share in the cost for the electric and gas utilities. There is no security deposit required for living at Woodlands on Green Bay. Sycamore units, which contain in unit laundry, also incur an additional $40.00 monthly fee to the monthly rent ($20.00 per bedroom).  The apartments at the Woodlands are not furnished.

What if my academic status or location has changed and I no longer need to live at Woodlands on Green Bay?
We understand students may encounter circumstances during their academic career that require them to live somewhere outside of the North Chicago area. Students who graduate, have an academic status change, begin clerkships or rotations, experience a personal or family illness, withdraw or take a leave of absence from the University, or experience a serious emergency can request a release from their lease at Woodlands on Green Bay through the RFUMS Office of Student Housing at least 30 days prior to the requested vacate date. If your request is verified and approved by RFUMS Student Housing, it will be forwarded to the Woodlands Management Office for release from your lease. Students will be responsible for a $250 fee and prorated charges of apartment type rent to the effective date of termination.

Are pets allowed at Woodlands on Green Bay?
Yes! Pets are allowed at Woodlands on Green Bay. An additional non-refundable fee of $500 per pet is required at time of leasing and pets are limited to building seven which contains Phase II apartment styles.