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CMS Faculty Affairs


We recognize the importance of the work you do for the medical school and the CMS office of Faculty Affairs is here to assist you with faculty affairs issues and development educational opportunities. This website has information we hope you find useful. The policies and other information needed to instruct medical students are included in the main navigation links. This information is updated annually prior to faculty renewal notification. Additional materials can be found under the Clinical Sciences pages and the Foundational Sciences and Humanities pages.

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Potashkin, CMS Director of Faculty Affairs or Laurie Lonicki, Faculty Appointment Administrative Coordinator. 

Judith Potashkin

Judith Potashkin, PhD

Chicago Medical School Director of Faculty Affairs

(847) 578-8677
Innovation and Research Park, 329
Laurie Lonicki

Laurie Lonicki

Faculty Appointment Administrative Coordinator

(847) 578-8811
Rothstein Warden Centennial Learning Center, 1.076