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Fellowships in Medical Subspecialties

Chicago Medical School sponsors fellowships in most of the medical subspecialties. The internal medicine residents interact with the subspecialty fellows in the care of mutual patients on a daily basis. These interactions constitute an important source of instruction for the residents and help the residents focus on their own options for future training in medicine. CMS fellowship include:


Although residents and fellows are paid by the University, the salaries and benefits are essentially the same for all trainees within a given postgraduate year of training.

Salary and Benefits

Funding for Educational Activities

Educational Funding/award is available during the training of Residents and Fellows, if their paper or poster is accepted by a national society/conference. The program Director has to approve/attest the request with necessary justification. The reimbursement documents have to be submitted along with the award request. Inform GME Office of the acceptance of the poster and intent to travel for the paper/poster presentation 45 days before the presentation. Comply with the Travel Policy of the University.


Sample Contract

Salary Benefits and Visa Info for for Fellowship Applicants

Fellowship Program Directors

Sandeep Khosla

Sandeep Khosla, MD

Program Director, Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship & Interventional Cardiology Fellowship

Fellowship Coordinator: Alina Aitchison  
Mt. Sinai Site Coordinator: Laverne Benson

Janice Gilden

Janice Gilden, MD

Program Director, Endocrinology Fellowship

Fellowship Coordinator: Alina Aitchison
Richard Lenhardt, MD, MPH

Richard Lenhardt, MD, MPH

Program Director, Pulmonary Medicine Fellowship

Fellowship Coordinator  Alina Aitchison 

Walid Khayr

Walid Khayr, MD

Program Director, Infectious Disease Fellowship

Fellowship Coordinator  Alina Aitchison

Pam Khosla

Pam Khosla, MD

Program Director, Hematology and Oncology Fellowship

Fellowship Coordinator: Alina Aitchison  
Mt. Sinai Site Coordinator: Trina Coleman

Alina Aitchison

Alina Aitchison

Fellowship Coordinator