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Student Affairs and Education

The Office of Student Affairs and Education is committed to providing a high quality educational experience that will produce exemplary physicians. We support student success by providing services that optimize academic, personal, and professional growth.

The Office of Student Affairs & Education works collaboratively with students, faculty and staff to:

• Assist students as they adapt to the medical school environment
• Provide academic advising
 Provide a four-year program of career and specialty advising
 Create and maintain the schedule for all Phase I (M1 and M2) courses
 Review Phase I excused absence requests
 Coordinate and assist with exam administration and analysis
 Oversee sophomore electives and all independent projects
 Schedule required clerkships and sub-internships
 Write the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)
 Oversee M4 electives
 Oversee the residency match process
 Work with the registrar (graduation audit, LOA)
 Collect data for the purposes of curricular management, assessment, and enhancement
 Support the work of the Curriculum Committee and its subcommittees
 Support the work of the Student Evaluation, Promotion and Awards Committee

Contact information:

Jeanette Morrison, MD, FACP

Jeanette Morrison, MD, FACP

Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Education; Associate Professor of Medicine

Basic Sciences Building, 1.331B
Gordon Pullen, PhD

Gordon Pullen, PhD

Associate Dean for Basic Science Education; Assistant Professor of Physiology and Biophysics; Discipline Chair of Medical Education

Basic Sciences Building, 1.332B
Sheryl Juliano, MA, MS

Sheryl Juliano, MA, MS

Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Instruction; Instructor of Medical Education

Basic Sciences Building, 1.332C
Brenda R. Affinati, MD, FACP

Brenda R. Affinati, MD, FACP

Assistant Dean of Clinical Education; Vice Chair of Clinical Sciences; Associate Professor of Medicine

Basic Sciences Building, 1.331C
Michael Ellison

Michael Ellison, EdD

Associate Dean for Admissions

Basic Sciences Building, 3.112

For any questions about admissions, please contact

Michael Moninger, PhD

Michael Moninger, PhD

Director of Academic Advising and Success; Assistant Professor of Medical Education

Basic Sciences Building, 1.340B
Lucy Hammerberg, MD, FACEP, CPE

Lucy Hammerberg, MD, FACEP, CPE

Director of Specialty Advising; Assistant Professor of Medicine

Basic Sciences Building, 1.325B
Katelyn Stanutz

Katelyn Stanutz

Director of Curriculum Management

847-578-3000 ext 3780
Basic Sciences Building, 1.332A
Diane Bridges

Diane Bridges, PhD, MSN, RN, CCM

Director of Distance Education and Project Specialist

Kimberly Fasula, RDH, MS, MPH

Kimberly Fasula, RDH, MS, MPH

Director of Interprofessional Education & Instructor in Foundational Sciences & Humanities

Basic Sciences Building, 1.340C
Allegra Bohlen, MEd

Allegra Bohlen, MEd

Director of Student Affairs and Career Development

Basic Sciences Building, 1.325A
Fiona McMahon, MEd

Fiona McMahon, MEd

Assistant Director of Student Affairs and Education

Basic Sciences Building, 1.325C
Danielle Priester

Danielle Priester

M4 Education Specialist

Basic Sciences Building, 1.331D
Lori Wasion

Lori Wasion

Administrative Coordinator

Basic Sciences Building, 1.332D
Carolyn Gilstead

Carolyn Gilstead

Administrative Assistant

Basic Sciences Building, 1.340D
Gina Hartlaub

Gina Hartlaub

Administrative Assistant

Basic Sciences Building

Michele Fitzgerald

Senior Administrative Assistant

Basic Sciences Building, 1.331A