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Distance Students

Student Counseling Service is committed to supporting RFUMS students throughout the duration of their academic career. For students on clinical rotations/ placements and internships, attending sessions at the SCS office may not be convenient. There are options available to support our distance students. Distance students may request telepsychology services; SCS clinicians will determine eligibility for these services. Telepsychology sessions are offered using Zoom, a HIPPA compliant platform, and will be aligned with the laws pertaining to clinical practice in the State of IL. Prior to your first telepsychology session, you will receive information pertaining to using telepsychology and your clinician’s Zoom link. Virtual platforms require a browser on a computer or device with a camera and microphone. We can also support you with referrals to a community provider convenient to you; please note that you will be using your insurance to see non-SCS providers.