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Confocal Facility

Confocal microscopy is a powerful investigative resource for biomedical research. This equipment, through its ability to generate in-focus images from specimens up to 100 mm thick, has allowed researchers to peer deep within the microanatomy of cells and tissues to study the functions and dynamics of a multitude of biological molecules and structures. The Microscopy and Imaging Facility (MIF) is a University-wide facility that exists to advance university research productivity by providing access to laser scanning confocal microscopes. The facility has equipment in Room L.118A, (Olympus FV10i confocal) and 1.353 (Olympus FV300 confocal) and is staffed by Patricia A. Loomis, PhD (Director) and Scott Surridge (Computer Research Specialist). A separate off-line PC workstation is available in room L.118A for post-acquisition image analysis and data processing. Access is available to University researchers on a cost-recovery basis after their successful completion of training the operation of the confocals and laser safety (D2L course EHS510 Laser Safety Training).

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Olympus FV10i Confocal Olympus FV300 Confocal

The facility also maintains two upright microscopes: an Olympus BX5OWI and an Olympus BH2 . The facility supports an offline computer station with Stereo Investigator, Fluoview, Metamorph and Photoshop software for post-acquisition analysis and preparation.


Training by the Director is required in order to use the confocals. Please contact Patricia A. Loomis to schedule training sessions.