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H. M. Bligh Fluorescent Microscopy

Immunofluorescence microscopy is used to image a specific molecule in cells or tissue sections by using a specific antibody conjugated with a fluorescent dye. Currently the facility has two upright microscopes and one inverted microscope (Nikon 80i) with metamorph image analysis software. Available filters for imaging include green, red, blue and cyan fluorescent dyes. The upright microscope is also equipped to perform phase contrast and differential interference contrast (DIC) image analysis.

General applications include visualization of Alexa Fluor 350, 405, 488, 594, Texas red, FITC, GFP, DAPI, Z-section using automated motors and quantification of colocalised proteins.

Several RFUMS researchers have used the facility: Dr. Gazmuri, Dr. Chang, Dr. Sharma-Walia, Dr. Everly, Dr. Gilman-Sachs, Dr. Reynolds, Dr. Re.

Access: To access the core facility, contact the Microbiology and Immunology discipline. Training, experimental advice and technical help will be provided by Dr. Neelam Sharma-Walia.