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Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Laboratory

Equipment Description:

At the EPR center located at the room L.415 of the main building of the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, we are currently operating the state-of-the-art X-band EPR spectrometer, the Bruker ElexSys 580 system with the capability of various experiments in the continuous wave (CW) and the pulse modes such as power saturation experiments (accessibility measurement), rapid scan and DEER (image on the left).  The spectrometer has 10” magnet and is equipped with Pulse Eldor Unit and a Flexline 3 mm Splitring Resonator module along with the CF935O cryostat system (Oxford Instruments) that are necessary for pulse EPR experiments including the 4 pulse DEER experiment. 

In addition, the system is equipped with other resonators such as Elexsys Super High Sensitivity Probehead (ER4122 SHQE-W1) (image on the right), Bruker 4123D dielectric resonator (for power saturation experiments to measure accessibility parameters) and a loop gap resonator (Molecular Specialties, Inc.; for power saturation experiments to measure accessibility parameters) (image on the left).  The EPR spectrometer and the room housing it is cooled and maintained at a constant temperature during experiment by a Haskris heat exchanger system and an air conditioning system (Liebert), respectively.  The EPR center has two PCs; a Linux PC EPR Data system to control the spectrometer and the console, and an additional PC for data analysis.

Services for off-campus clients will be charged the internal rate plus 57.9% of that rate.


Kyoung Joon Oh

EPR Center Director

847-578-3771 847-578-8649