The following information relates to the intended 2015 -16 curriculum. Changes may be made at the discretion of the PHS Department.*

This challenging one-year course of study includes a number of graduate-level courses in the basic sciences and the choice of educational concentration tracks leading to certificates in a variety of healthcare fields. Students in this unique program take classes with students in other degree programs, including various graduate programs, allopathic and podiatric medicine, nutrition, physical therapy, and physician assistant studies.

All of the core courses are offered on campus. All of the certificate courses are offered online from masters degree programs with faculty from the programs in residence on-campus. Performance evaluation for the online courses are based primarily on submission of papers and projects and group work, whereas on-campus courses rely on quizzes and exams. Students, faculty, and staff maintain contact and interact via the Internet with a user-friendly learning management system (LMS). The LMS provides one location for students to easily access course syllabi and readings; receive and submit assignments and projects; complete exams and course evaluations; and interact with classmates and faculty through discussion postings and private mail messages. The online educational environment is password-protected and accessible only to students registered in courses.

  • All students in the Biomedical Sciences program are required to take the series of core basic science courses. In addition, at the time of acceptance, students are required to select one of the following certificate concentrations in which to take courses.
         •   Health Professions Education (all classes are online)
         •   Healthcare Administration & Management - content emphasizes public health, leadership or business concepts (all classes are online)
         •   Nutrition (all classes are online)

An effort will be made to place students in the track of their choice; however, the Department of Pre-Professional Healthsciences (PHS) reserves the right to place students in a track as space allows.

* Note: Curricular changes may occur at the discretion of the PHS department, which could include additions, deletions or modifications of required core basic science courses and/or certificate tracks or courses.