Health Administration

Department of Health Services Administration Degree/Certificate Programs

Health Administration (HA) Program - The Health Administration curriculum, which includes courses such as leadership, evidence-based management, finance, law, marketing, and information management, is designed to equip  individuals with the knowledge and skills to integrate best business practices to meet the challenges of a complex healthcare delivery system.

The Health Administration program offers five educational options:

  • The MS Program in Health Administration (45 QH) is an online program designed to augment students’ education and professionals’ experiences with business acumen to better plan for and respond to changes in the healthcare industry.
  • The Certificate in Health Administration (12-15 QH) is geared toward those seeking to advance their knowledge of health administration in select areas that meet their professional career goals such as: public health; risk management and health insurance; business management; leadership; diversity, health literacy and global health. Students work with program advisor to develop an individualized plan of study which includes 4 courses from the Health Services Administration program curriculum.

Health Administration Program Goals

The purpose of the Health Administration Program is to prepare students to become future leaders in the healthcare industry. To achieve this goal, the students' educational experience will:

  • Enhance  interprofessional administration skills.
  • Foster the desire and skill to engage in the clinical inquiry process.
  • Assist students in developing a depth of knowledge, skill, and investigative attitude toward research, business, and leadership expertise.
  • Enhance the ability to engage in self-directed, life-long learning.
  • Prepare the graduate for leadership roles in the clinical setting.
Program Competencies

  • Health Administration Knowledge
  • Leadership and Communication in Health Administration
  • Critical Inquiry and Research in Health Administration
  • Business Knowledge in the Healthcare Environment
  • Knowledge of the Healthcare Environment

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Health Services Administration is to support the mission of the University and the College of Health Professions by preparing healthcare professional students to develop competencies to assume leadership roles in healthcare to improve the health of the nation.


To graduate fully skilled and competent future leaders in healthcare by providing academic excellence, serving with integrity and respecting diversity.


The goals of the Department of Health Services Administration are:

  • To prepare graduates to assume leadership roles within and among interprofessional healthcare teams.
  • To prepare graduates to improve the quality of care through patient-centered, interprofessional, and evidence-based healthcare teachings.
  • To prepare graduates to critically assess current interprofessional research and scholarship to enhance health care for all.
  • To provide an interprofessional environment for faculty, staff and students to excel in areas of leadership, teaching, scholarship, and service to all.