Interprofessional Studies (DSc/PhD)


This program is an opportunity for practitioners in various disciplines such as health professions educators, medicine, podiatry, nursing, physical therapy, nutrition, physician assistants, and clinical laboratory sciences and other health related professions to advance their knowledge and skills in collaborative interprofessional education and practice.  The program is 100% online. Students can study full- or part-time in an interprofessional curriculum focusing on creating innovative methods to bridge the healthcare professions, both in practice and education.  The program emphasizes the development of scholarly evidence-based skills to improve healthcare.

Doctor of Science (DSc) - The DSc is recommended for individuals who are interested in advanced degrees, but still plan on working in clinical practice or another healthcare setting.  The DSc dissertation research is typically institutionally or clinically-based with a pragmatic or applied focus.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - The PhD is recommended for individuals who are interested in an academic career that includes research.  The dissertation research is typically focused on pedagogical topics including praxis and theory.