Advanced Professional Skills Core
HNUT 505 Communication Strategies Methods and Techniques (3 qh): This course targets strategies, methods and techniques to enhance the effectiveness of professional and client-centered communications. Translation of evidence-based science into layman's terms will be emphasized. Use of social media, media training, and how to promote oneself as a professional will be included.

HNUT 512 Leadership (3 qh): This course offers the essential elements and support for a successful wellness program or practice concentrating on leadership, strategic planning, facility management and organizational skills. Topics will include the organizational management landscape and management functions such as strategic planning and decision-making, organizing, staffing, and budgeting. This course will also address practical concerns such as committees and teams and human resource management considerations such as training and development, retention and recruitment, and communication. This course establishes a foundation for growth and professional opportunity for the health professional.

HNUT 513 Health and Wellness Coaching (3 qh): This course builds on basic counseling skills to include health coaching techniques. The student will learn how to take a guiding role in empowering clients to choose a healthy lifestyle. Acting as a client-centered health coach and empowering the clients to become the expert in determining their own wellness goals and plans, the student will practice motivational interviewing and other techniques to reach these ends.

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