Education Core

HNUT 506 Health Education Teaching Experience (1 qh): The purpose of this course is to give the student the opportunity to experience a teaching role within an existing institution, agency or business. Students will plan, deliver, and evaluate a learning module in a prevention, health and/or wellness area of their choice. Prerequisites: Introduction to Health Education or permission of instructor. Approval of a "learning module" and proposal is required prior to registration for this course.

HNUT 525 Assessment and Evaluation in Education (3 qh): This course is designed to provide skills and tools for the evaluation of a variety of structures, processes and outcomes of education and other evaluands. The course will enable the student to effectively develop the appropriate skills and apply the theories, concepts and models related to evaluation and assessment in a variety of settings and situations (offered summer quarter).
Prerequisite: Instructional Design or permission of Instructor.

HNUT 532 Introduction to Health Education (3 qh): Designed to provide the healthcare professional with educational skills and techniques for the classroom, the individual client, and for continuing education programs. The skills and techniques addressed are: developing teaching materials to include learner assessment, creating learning objectives, designing student-focused teaching methods, assessing learning outcomes and evaluating the educational experience. This course will primarily focus on the adult learner. The student will design a complete educational offering (teaching module). A subsequent practicum experience will allow students to carry out the teaching module.

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