Nutrition Health Promotion and Wellness Core

HNUT 511 Nutrition in Chronic Disease (4 qh): A clinical Analysis of the pathophysiological and metabolic basis for nutritional management in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases impacting the population, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer and osteoporosis.

HNUT 541 Prevention, Health Promotion and Wellness (3 qh): Explores health promotion for the individual and the community. This will be accomplished through implementing basic community health concepts of epidemiology, levels of prevention, and risk assessment within the context of health promotion activities. Students will analyze their own personal health promotion needs and selected needs within a chosen community. Based on the standards outlined in Healthy People 2020, students will develop health promotion activities for community health problems of their choice based on an assessment of need. Students will develop, track and analyze an individual health promotion plan for themselves.

HNUT 554 Nutrition in Critical Care (3 qh): An in-depth review of the theory and application of the forms and components of specialized nutrition support in the treatment of various disease conditions (offered spring quarter).
Prerequisites: HNUT 580 Evaluating Research, HPTH 501 Practical Statistics and RD credential or permission of instructor.

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