Research Core

HNUT 504 Information and Health Literacy (3 qh): This course introduces students to the skills and techniques needed to become an information literate individual. Students will have the opportunity to acquire and practice the following: identifying the topic of interest or developing a research question, acquiring knowledge through the efficient use of current technologies, such as online and electronic resources, establishing evaluation criteria for information resources, evaluating and integrating the acquired information to answer the original query/research question, while complying with copyright laws/guidelines, and effectively communicating this information, through an appropriate medium, to the target audience in an ethical and legal manner. In addition, students will explore the impact of health literacy on patient care and health outcomes and will acquire the skills needed to assist them in translating information about diseases and their treatments into a language that healthcare consumers can understand.

HNUT 526 Evaluating Research and Health Recommendations (4 qh): This course introduces the fundamentals of the research process through the evaluation of published clinical  research studies with the desired end result being the ability to critically analyze and interpret research findings and health recommendations. From an evidence based perspective, students will select, interpret, analyze, synthesize and then summarize relevant research studies using peer-review articles, write a brief literature review, and develop a hypothesis for future investigation. A process for evidence-based review and analysis of current recommendations for management, treatment, and prevention of disease will be introduced. This course also includes a journal club discussion in which weekly learning objectives are reinforced with practical and applicable examples from current scientific literature. Prerequisite: HPTH 501 Practical Statistics

HPTH 501 Practical Statistics (3 qh): An introductory graduate course covering basic principles of biometry and applied statistical methods utilizing current computer software (offered winter quarter).

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