Online and Distance Education
Successful Online Learner

Becoming a Successful Online Learner

Check out the links below. They contain information that you may find useful as you decide whether graduate education in the online learning environment is right for you.

Tips from Students

• Stay on top of your school work (a few minutes every day)

• Complete the Microsoft Office modules (man, this really helps!)

• Ask a lot of questions. I’ve missed a lot of points by not asking enough questions!

• Check and double check to make sure all assignments are complete. I would have earned an A instead of a B in one of my classes had I re, re, re-checked

• Learn to work hard and well when working in groups, these people really count on you

• Have fun with distance learning

• Prioritize, make lists if needed

• DO NOT fall behind in readings or assignments

• When possible try to work ahead such as with the required readings

• Most important thing I have learned is to find BALANCE within your life, make time for you even if it is only 30 minutes everyday – trust me this will keep you sane.

• Don’t be afraid to ask the professors or fellow classmates for help in explaining issues you do not understand. I have learned lots from general conversations on the discussion boards in each class.

• Make the most of group work and discussions.

• HAVE FUN!!!!