Online and Distance Education



Tuition for Online Degree Programs

Current tuition for the Masters of Science degree programs that are entirely online is $555.00 per quarter hour. The current tuition for the DSc/PhD in Interprofessional Studies is $706.00. Tuition cost is subject to change without prior notice.

Fees for Online Degree Programs

Students are assessed a $90.00 student services fee and a $200 information technology fee annually. Upon completion of the degree, students are assessed a $100 graduation fee. For information on financial aid, please see Financial Aid Office Online Information for Distance Education Students.

Available Tuition Scholarships

The Online and Distance Education Programs are happy to offer the following tuition scholarships to students enrolled in our programs:

  • 25% tuition scholarship for students that are currently enrolled in another program at Rosalind Franklin University.
  • 15% tuition scholarship to Rosalind Franklin University alumni.
  • 10% tuition scholarship for any one who works for an affiliate of Rosalind Franklin University.
  • 10% tuition scholarship for members of the military.