Department of Nutrition
Why our program?

Choose a Master of Science in Nutrition Degree Program Offered Completely Online

Gain a Competitive Edge for Positions in Administration, Clinical Dietetics, Nutrition Education, Healthcare Professional Training Programs, the Food and Wellness Industries, and Research

Designed for dietitians and other nutrition professionals who:

  • Want to maintain full-time employment and/or have time for other professional or personal commitments
  • Can't relocate to a college campus
  • Work well independently
  • Are self-motivated and goal-oriented

With high academic standards and a challenging curriculum that focuses on five competency areas:

  • Application of nutrition knowledge
  • Teaching nutrition information
  • Demonstration of the processes of critical inquiry and research
  • Application of technology to professional activities
  • Demonstration of effective professional communication

Designed with the adult learner in mind:

  • A fast track--earn your Master of Science in Nutrition degree in just over 2 years by taking taking two courses a quarter
  • Flexibility to fit your life--allowing you up to 5 years from the date of enrollment into the program to complete all degree requirements