Pathologists’ Assistant
Department Information

Professional Definition

A pathologists' assistant is an intensively trained allied health professional who provides anatomic pathology services under the direction and supervision of a pathologist. Pathologists' assistants interact with pathologists in the same manner that physician assistants carry out their duties under the direction of physicians in surgical and medical practice. Pathologists' assistants contribute to the overall efficiency of the laboratory or pathology practice in a cost-effective manner by performing a variety of tasks, consisting primarily of gross examination of surgical pathology specimens and performance of autopsies.


The mission of the Pathologists’ Assistant Department is to prepare and develop individuals for the professional practice of surgical and autopsy pathology in a continually evolving health care environment.


The Pathologists’ Assistant Department will be recognized as the leader in providing graduate-level training in Pathologists’ Assistant Studies through its outstanding graduates, curricular innovation, scholarly activity, community service, and the leadership it provides to the pathologists’ assistant community worldwide.

Philosophy Statement

The Pathologists’ Assistant Department assures a level of professional training, both academic and clinical, that prepares its graduates to serve as stewards of the profession and empowers them to set forth and provide exceptional care and leadership for the profession as well as educate future generations of health care providers in the art and science of practicing anatomic pathology. The Pathologists’ Assistant Department asserts that there is an inherent dignity in surgical specimens that represent a unique human being and that the utmost care and skill will be provided in transmitting the information contained within to pathologists, surgeons, and other members of the health care team. As such, the same professional care will be delivered to our patients in the autopsy service who have come to teach the living from their individual lives and deaths.

Equal Opportunity

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