Clinical Year

Second Year – Summer Quarter

HAPA 630 Anatomic Pathology Clerkship I, 12 qh

This is a ten-month practical course sequence which forms the curriculum for the second year.  Students will rotate through various clinical sites and departments and perform the duties of the Pathologists’ Assistant under the guidance of a preceptor.  Emphasis will be placed on developing the student’s skills of gross tissue description, dissection and frozen section preparation in surgical pathology.  In autopsy pathology, emphasis will be placed on autopsy technique, including evisceration and block dissection.

Second Year – Fall Quarter

HAPA 631 Anatomic Pathology Clerkship II, 12 qh

Continuation of HAPA 630.

Second Year – Winter Quarter

HAPA 632 Anatomic Pathology Clerkship III, 12 qh

Continuation of HAPA 631.

Second Year – Spring Quarter

HAPA 633 Anatomic Pathology Clerkship IV, 12 qh

Continuation of HAPA 632.