Student Information

Degree Granted

Master of Science in Pathologists' Assistant studies


$29,278 per year (subject to change without advanced notice)


Estimated fees for a single student are as follows.  Charges are subject to change without notice.
Miscellaneous fees $2,750
Health Insurance, $3,000
Living Expenses: $20,400


If a student withdraws from the course before the end of the first week of classes, 100% refund of the tuition is made.  When withdrawal is made before the end of the second week, the refund is 75%; before the end of the third week, 50%; before the end of the fourth week, 25%. After that time, no refund is granted.  If a student is dismissed from any program for academic reasons after completing the appeal process, the student will receive a 100% tuition refund for any tuition paid for the current quarter.

Financial Aid 

Click HERE for the Financial Aid website. 


Available on campus. Click HERE for the Student Housing website.