Degree Program

Degree Program:

42 hours of coursework are required to complete the Post-Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree.  The student selects from core courses, elective courses, and practicum elements to complete the program.

Course of Study:

The following represents a typical program of study.

Year One.
HNUT 504 Information Literacy for Health Professionals (3 credits)
HNUT 532 Instructional Design (3 credits)
HHCM 522 Health Care Delivery Systems* (3 credits)
HPPT 720 PT Examination: Screening for Disease* (3 credits)
HNUT 542 Herbs,Dietary, and Sports Supplements (3 credits)
HPPT 730 Pharmacology* (3 credits)
HPPT 506 Evidence Based Practice* (3 credits)
Year Two.
Elective (3 credits)
HPPT 732 Anatomical Imaging* (3 credits)
HPTH 501 Practical Statistics (3 credits)
HNUT 541 Promoting Healthy Lifestyles (3 credits)
HPPT 870 Independent Study (3 credits)
HPPT 722 Advanced Clinical Practice* (3 credits)
HPPT 880 Practicum (6 credits)


Elective courses may be taken from our other Online Education Programs in Nutrition, Healthcare Management and Women's Health.

* Required Courses

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