Teaching Fellowship  (Currently on HOLD.  No applications being taken this year)

The Rosalind Franklin University Teaching Fellowship was created to help address the shortage of medical educators in many of the health professions. It is a 12-month full-time educational program offering an opportunity to develop teaching skills, foster an interest in research, network with other educators, and be introduced to educational leadership in preparation for an eventual career in health education.

The program is interprofessional, and trains future faculty to teach in an interprofessional environment, to help aspiring faculty develop their skills in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and university administration.

Up to three fellows will be chosen each year, and will work under the direction of faculty from both the College of Health Professions and the Medical School.

Selection: Fellows will be chosen through a competitive application process. Successful candidates will be graduates of an accredited medical school, physician assistant program, or other health professional program.

Stipend/Tuition/Fees: A stipend of $45,000 is offered to help defer living expenses, and there is no tuition or fees to attend the program.

Calendar: The program begins June 1 of each year. Applications are being taken immediately, and interviews will be granted during the months of March, April and May until the three positions are filled.

This is a non-degree program, but a certificate will be awarded consistent with other residency or fellowship training programs.

Learning Objectives and Activities:

  • The teaching fellows would complete a 4 week course in Teaching Methods offered during the summer quarter by the Physical Therapy Department. They will develop some basic skills in curriculum development, writing learning objectives, lecturing, and test-writing.
  • The teaching fellows would be given a one-week block of lectures in the PA Department General Medicine course to prepare and teach during the fall quarter. Fellows would also teach small group sessions on physical exam and clinical skills for both the PA and the Introduction to Clinical Medicine (ICM) departments.
  • The teaching fellows would give at least one lecture for an additional CHP department (Physical Therapy, Pathologist Assistant, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Lab Sciences, or participate in an on-line module for one of the distance education programs).
  • The teaching fellows would assist the faculty in coordination of an additional course (e.g. conducting a review session for students, tutoring, test grading, scheduling guest lecturers, etc.) for either the PA or ICM departments.
  • The teaching fellows would participate in an administrative project under the supervision of Dr. Knott or Dr. Tomkowiak (i.e. evaluating data from the EEC, evaluating a curriculum issue, or participating in a departmental self-study).
  • The teaching fellows would lead one student project (e.g. a community service project, a student government project, a student fundraiser, etc.)
  • The teaching fellows would co-author at least one scholarly project with a faculty member.
  • The teaching fellows would have an opportunity for part-time clinical practice in one of several local community health sites. These opportunities can be negotiated with successful applicants so that the practice meets their individual needs.

Application: Please download the Fellowship Application form, fill it out, and fax or mail it to:

Patrick Knott, PhD, PA-C
Professor and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
3333 Green Bay Road
North Chicago, IL 60064-3095

To Fax Application Materials: (847) 578-8690

To Email Application Materials: Patrick.Knott@RosalindFranklin.edu