Student research is a fundamental part of the training program. Students begin participating in faculty research early in the first year, and quickly become integral members of a research team. The faculty has broad research interests within the areas of neuropsychology, health psychology, and psychopathology (see faculty research interests ). Under faculty supervision, students complete a master's thesis, and ultimately develop their own research culminating in the doctoral dissertation.
Upon entering the program, students are assigned a faculty advisor that matches their clinical-research interests. This faculty member serves as both the academic advisor and research mentor. Advisors guide students through the selection of courses, independent study and practicum experiences necessary to complete the program. They provide information, direction, feedback and long-term guidance. Advisors meet with students regularly to review academic performance and to discuss future plans. In addition, an annual 3-way meeting of student-advisor-DCT is held to review a students progress and recommendations made for further training

In addition to faculty advisors, all incoming students are also matched to student mentors who also assist students in their transition to graduate school and adjustment to the program.