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Executive Council

Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Identify and define gender and sex-related topics. 
  2. Implement plans aimed at addressing gender- and sex-related challenges. 
  3. Communicate with and seek input from the greater community regarding CMS-WIMS activities. 
  4. Develop and improve the pipeline, training, recruitment, advocacy, recognition, promotion, retention, and wellness of women. 
  5. Advise and guide CMS practice and policy that is pertinent to the interests of the group.
  6. Develop programs that address these goals.


Holly Hunsberger

Holly Hunsberger, PhD


Rakhi Khanna, MD

Vice President

Joanna Dabrowska

Joanna Dabrowska, PhD

Svetlana Dambaeva, MD, PhD

Svetlana Dambaeva, MD, PhD

Nicole Ferrara

Nicole Ferrara, MD

Biana Kotlyar, MD

Biana Kotlyar, MD

Neelam Sharma-Walia, PhD

Neelam Sharma‑Walia, PhD