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Stanson Toshok Center for Brain Function and Repair - Team

WILLIAM N. FROST - Professor, Chair, and Center Director

  • Evan Hill – Research Assistant Professor
  • Jeffrey Brown, Postdoctoral Research Associate
  • Viral Mistry, Graduate Student

LISE ELIOT - Professor

  • Brandon Fleres, medical student
  • Connor Haszto, medical student
  • Julia Rausch, medical student

EUN JUNG HWANG - Assistant Professor

  • Megi Diasamidze, Research Assistant
  • Sayli Korde, Research Assistant
  • Jaydeep Sambangi, Medical Student

KAIWEN KAM - Associate Professor

  • Zheng Chang – Research Associate
  • Babita Thadari, Graduate Student
  • Jordan Skach, Graduate Student

HEINZ STEINER - Professor and Chair

  • Michael Hrabak, Research Assistant

Center Administrative Staff

  • Vilmary Friederichs – Research Center Administrator