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Person Proxy

General User Proxy Information

RFU allows a student (and only a student) to designate an individual as their proxy. By designating a proxy, this provides the individual limited electronic access to some of the information contained in the student's educational record. At this time, a person proxy will be able to view a students account statement of account and/or make a payment on their behalf.

This designation does not take the place of protections afforded to the student under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Release of a student's education record is still not allowed without the student’s written consent, including to parents, family members, and designated proxies. Therefore, RFU will be unable to answer any questions about the information made available to a person proxy without said written consent. The student can obtain a FERPA Release Form online, and return it to Records to provide outside parties additional access to his/her education records.

Kevin Suddick

University Bursar