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RFU Payment Plan

The RFU Payment Plan allows you to divide your educational expenses into 3 convenient monthly payments per quarter. The RFU Payment Plan is a pay-as-you-go budgeting plan, instead of saving to make a single payment at the beginning of each quarter. RFU Payment Plan participants may budget their tuition, fees, university housing, and student health insurance expense as a part of their regular monthly payments on a quarterly basis. Participants are billed in equal monthly installments once the RFU Payment Plan enrollment has been completed. This process will transfer the balance owed in the student's account to the RFU Payment Plan. A total minimum balance of at least $1,500.00 is required to participate in this plan. (This means that you must owe at least $1,500.00) 

A quarterly processing fee of $10 will be charged once enrollment has been completed.

Enrollment in the plan represents a contractual agreement between the student and the University. Enrollment for the payment plan is annual and will cover the full Academic Year you are billed in. Once the student is enrolled in the plan they may cancel out of the plan. This process can be completed by contacting The Office of Student Finance.  

You will be able to review the installment plan and due dates for each payment by accessing your student account on Student Self-Serve under the Student Finance option. Once you have read and accepted the agreement you will be able to view the installment schedule for your payments and can begin submitting payment.

Tuition Payment Plan schedule for 2019-2020
Term 1st payment due 2nd payment due 3rd payment due
Summer 2019 May 30, 2019 July 2, 2019 August 1, 2019
Fall 2019 August 15, 2019 September 16, 2019 October 16, 2019
Winter 2019 November 14, 2019 December 16, 2019 January 16, 2020
Spring 2020 February 27, 2020 March 30, 2020 April 30, 2020

Payments can be submitted once enrollment is completed and any time after, through WebAdvisor with an electronic check, wire transfer, or by credit card (there will be a 2.5% additional surcharge on the amount for credit card transactions). If you are mailing a check please use the following mailing address: 

Rosalind Franklin University
Office of Student Financial Services Student Account
RFU Payment Plan
3333 Green Bay Road
North Chicago IL, 60064

If payment is late, declined, or returned for more than 1 month the payment plan may be canceled. If the plan is canceled the student will no longer be able to enroll in the payment plan. Financial holds will be processed on RFU Payment Plans for past due balances or accounts that submit checks with insufficient funding (for NSF checks a fee of $25.00 will be charged). This processing will prevent the release of transcripts and/or the ability to register for future quarters. Financial holds will only be removed once the past due amount is paid with certified checks, credit card payment, or wire transfer (without exception). 

How do I sign up?

Enrolling in the payment plan is fast and easy. You’ll find the Tuition Payment Plan Application on the Student Account page on Insite (under “Academic Programs & Student Support”).

Once you’ve submitted your application, the Office of Student Finance will update your contract and any payments you make.

If you need further information about the RFU Payment Plan please call us at (847) 578-3217 

Information Applicable to RFU Payment Plan:

  • The amount financed will be equal to the student's outstanding balance  and processing fee for the quarter (less any anticipated aid). If the balance changes for any reason, the plan will recalculate to reflect the change 
    • If the plan recalculates, an email will be sent to the student.
    • The minimum account balance required for eligibility is $1,500.00.
    • Upon enrollment a one time $40.00 annual enrollment fee will be charged within my first installment of the payment plan for the Academic Year 2019-2020.
  • Tuition, university housing, student insurance and mandatory fees are included in the plan. Fines, NSF fees, and miscellaneous charges (exception to processing fee) are not included in the plan and must be paid separately
  • Enrollment must be completed using the Tuition Payment Plan Application on the Student Account page on Insite (under “Academic Programs & Student Support”).
  • Enrollment must be completed by the annual enrollment period to be considered for the full Academic year.
  • If enrolling after the due date of one or more of the installments, those installments must be made at the time of enrollment.
  • Installment payments can be made online via WebAdvisor
  • Down payments, or any other payment received prior to enrollment in a payment plan, will reduce the total amount financed under the plan and will not count as installment payments
  • Financial Aid and Third Party Contracts will reduce the total amount financed under the plan 
    • Ensure that all documentation connected with Financial Aid and Third Party Billing are submitted to the proper offices in a timely fashion
  • Any payments not connected with recorded Financial Aid or Third Party Billing, when they are sent to RFU, will reduce or payoff any pending installments in sequence
  • Any student who pays less than the total amount due on the payment due date will be assessed a 1.5% late payment fee on the unpaid balance.

**Rosalind Franklin University reserves the right to deny access to our payment plans for any reason.