Chicago Medical School

Founded in 1912, Chicago Medical School has been dedicated to excellence in medical education for nearly a century. With recognized innovation in educating health and biomedical professionals, excellence in knowledge creation and scientific discovery focused on prediction and prevention of disease, outstanding clinical programs and compassionate community service, the School has educated thousands of professionals in the medical sciences at all levels of training and experience.

Learning Communities

The CMS learning communities provide medical students with a familiar group of peers that lasts throughout medical school. Under the leadership of a physician faculty mentor, approximately 48 students—comprising one-fourth of each medical school class—develop trust and help one another adapt to the culture of medicine. Communities also connect with students in other classes through an additional faculty advisor system.

Community mentors teach, advise, clinically mentor and socially support their students. Students meet in communities once or twice a month for the “Clinical Reflections” course, which addresses professional acculturation and applies concepts from various aspects of the curriculum to clinical medicine.

Each student meets for one-on-one advising with his or her mentor at least twice a year. Students also shadow their mentors and other physicians in clinical settings. Each community also holds several social gatherings throughout the year.

Research Opportunities

CMS students may engage in discovery or clinical research throughout their education. A great opportunity is a fellowship with a faculty member the summer between the first and second years. This two month full-time fellowship allows students to understand and invest in the lab's research. The combined MD/PhD is an option for students who are committed to research being a tenant of their future practice. There are also options for research electives in the second and fourth years.
Life in Discovery
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