What you need to apply

It’s never too early to begin preparing for your application to the Chicago Medical School. CMS looks for students who not only have strong grades and test scores, but also demonstrate a commitment to community service and experience in the medical field.

1. Prerequisite Coursework

Required Courses:

  • 1 year Introductory Biology with accompanying laboratory
  • 1 year Physics with accompanying laboratory
  • Minimum 2 year sequence of Chemistry that includes all three of these disciplines: General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. The 2+ years must also include 2 years of laboratory experience in all three disciplines.
    • If Biochemistry course does not offer a lab, 1 term research lab experience will be accepted.

Recommended Courses:

  • 1 course Introductory Psychology [will be required for class entering in 2017]
  • 1 course Introductory Sociology [will be required for class entering in 2017]
  • 1 course in Statistics
  • 1 course in Advanced Biology (200 level or above; e.g., MCB, physiology, genetics, microbiology,  neurobiology)
  • English composition
  • Other coursework in the humanities and social sciences

AP Credit Policy

AP Science or Social Science courses for which an applicant has received course credit at his or her undergraduate degree-awarding institution will be considered as fulfilling the pre-medical course requirements. However, the admissions committee will expect to see advanced level undergraduate courses in most of the science or social science disciplines for which the AP credit was awarded (except Physics).

Special consideration will be made for current DePaul Pathways students who began their program under the former set of course pre-requisites.

  • CMS requires at least 90 hours of undergraduate academic work at an accredited college or university prior to applying.
  • The vast majority of successful applicants have earned a Bachelor's degree prior to matriculation.

2. GPA

  • Undergraduate academic performance, especially in the sciences, is an important criterion, but is only one of the many holistic factors we evaluate when considering your application. Learn more on our Class Profile.

3. MCAT  

  • MCAT scores are valid for three years. (For example - For the entering class of 2016, a test from August 2012 - September 2015 will be accepted).
  • If multiple exams are taken, the most recent score is considered.
  • More information is available at www.aamc.org

4. Letters of Recommendation

  • Three individual letters of recommendation or one committee letter is required.  If you choose to submit three individual letters, no more than three individual letters should be submitted.  We prefer (but do not require) at least one recommendation to come from a medical professional (not necessarily an MD) with whom you have worked.
  • All letters must be included in your AMCAS application.

5. Motivation for a Career in Medicine

  • CMS is looking for students who understand the healthcare team and the role of the physician. This is typically demonstrated through prior employment and volunteer work. 

6. Leadership

  • CMS values students who are dedicated to serving others and have demonstrated leadership potential through academic, research, or other pursuits.

7. Communication Skills

  • CMS seeks to enroll students with a caring attitude and strong interpersonal communication skills.

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