Online Education

The Master of Science in Health Professions Education is completed predominately online, with a flexible on-campus component prior to graduation. Coursework for the certificate is completed online with no on-campus requirement. Students, faculty, and staff maintain contact and interact via the Internet with a user-friendly learning management system (LMS). The LMS provides one location for students to easily access course syllabi and readings; receive and submit assignments and projects; complete exams and course evaluations; and interact with classmates and faculty through discussion postings and private mail messages.

Students can access their course materials anywhere in the world, at any time, as long as the computer they are using has access to the Internet and a web browser. Courses are delivered asynchronously, as contrasted with real-time, and provide students with greater flexibility and convenience than on-campus classes.  

Required Courses for MS

Required Courses for Certificate

Elective Courses

Learning Theories  

Learning Theories              

Clinical Instruction and Mentoring

Instructional Presentation Skills Course Development   Evaluating Clinical Competence
Educational Trends and Issues Classroom Assessment             Creating Self-Instructional Units
Curriculum Design Instructional Presentation Skills Designing Simulated Learning Activities
Course Development


Teaching in the Virtual Classroom

Classroom Assessment

Teaching in the Multi-cultural Classroom

Program Evaluation and Accreditation


Funding Education           

Managing Change in Educational Organizations 


Ethical Concerns in Education

Research in Education


Legal Concerns in Education

Teaching Practicum: Capstone



Portfolio: Capstone



Master of Science: 45 quarter hours Certificate: 12 quarter hours

Life in Discovery
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