Our program can be completed in two years of full-time study or over a longer period of time with part-time study. Coursework is composed of courses required for licensure, courses required by the Department and electives which are taken within the Department as well as other Departments in the University. Elective coursework is decided upon in conjunction with the student's advisor. Electives may be taken during terms other than those indicated in the sample program of study outlined herein.

Program of Study

(subject to change)

Fall Quarter Year 1
Theories of Counseling, Personality & Psychotherapy
Descriptive Psychopathology
Research Methods for Counselors
Interprofessional Teams

Winter Quarter Year 1
Cognitive & Behavioral Principles of Learning &Therapy
Diagnostic Interviewing & Report Writing
Ethical Issues & Standards for Counselors
Culture in Healthcare

Spring Quarter Year 1
Developmental Psychology & Psychopathology
Minority Issues in Mental Health
Personality Assessment for Counselors

Summer Quarter Year 1
Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy-Child &Adolescent
Elective (2 -4 hours)

Fall Quarter Year 2
Practicum /internship and Seminar I (5 hours)
Group Dynamics and Counseling
Career Counseling and Development

Winter Quarter Year 2
Practicum/internship and Seminar II (5 hours)
Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment
Family Systems and Therapy  

Spring Quarter Year 2
Social Psychology Elective (2 -4 hours)

Summer Quarter Year 2
Elective (2 -4 hours)

Life in Discovery
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