Prospective Students

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science is located in North Chicago, Illinois, approximately 35 miles north of downtown Chicago and 45 miles south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our beautiful 97 acre campus is situated in picturesque Lake County Illinois with convenient access to the robust offerings of the city of Chicago. The campus serves as the primary site for our graduate and professional degree programs in the health professions while most of our clinical programs engage our community partners and affiliates throughout the region in offering diverse clinical education opportunities for our students

At RFUMS our focus is the education of healthcare professionals in an interprofessional healthcare environment and team. Our faculty are experts in healthcare and our staff focus on meeting the needs of professional and graduate students.

RFUMS Core Values


At Rosalind Franklin University we believe in the intrinsic value of our community and the collective health and well-being of each of its members. Our students, faculty and staff engage in meaningful service and thoughtful interactions as members of the RFUMS, local and larger healthcare communities.


A diverse learning community serves as the foundation for effective healthcare education. Members of the RFUMS community value the differences between cultures and the fundamental effects of these differences on individual healthcare needs. The diversity of our experiences forms our understanding of  and empathy for others.


We know the difference between following best practice and setting best practice at Rosalind Franklin University. At RFUMS we define the standard for graduate and professional education in healthcare and our graduates carry the foundation of excellence throughout their professional careers.


As the leaders in interprofessional health professions education, RFUMS is setting the standard for the future of healthcare. Our students learn as members of interprofessional teams in state of the art facilities with advanced methodologies.


The students, faculty and staff at RFUMS strive to act morally and ethically. We believe in fundamental parallels between character, beliefs and actions.  At RFUMS we seek to provide an education that allows students to explore the relationship between these concepts and their role in the professions.


Students at Rosalind Franklin University are encouraged to engage in the creation of knowledge within their professions and healthcare as a whole.  Fundamental to graduate and professional work in the health professions is scientific curiosity and research that provides new knowledge advancing healthcare.


At RFUMS, we know that the best care for a patient is rooted in the effectiveness of their healthcare team. This is why, teamwork is at the foundation of our interprofessional healthcare model. Through collaboration our students learn to meet the needs of their patients.