Strategic Enrollment Management

Division Mission
The Division of Strategic Enrollment Management supports Rosalind Franklin University through utilizing data-driven best practices in marketing, recruitment, admissions and enrollment.

Division Vision
The Division of Strategic Enrollment Management improves and enhances Rosalind Franklin University’s competitive market position and prominence to achieve the university’s strategic goals. We align a wide range of activities, including marketing, recruitment, admissions, and enrollment, while using data to support decisions and direction. We achieve our goals by:

  • Engaging in data-based planning
  • Cultivating supportive relationships with prospective students
  • Attracting candidates for admission into each university program, while valuing diversity and inclusion
  • Providing financial aid resources to assist students in affording their education
  • Developing enrollment systems that will produce streamlined, accurate management of student and course data
  • Collecting and evaluating data that will lead to continuous improvement of our processes

Division Philosophy
Rosalind Franklin University utilizes a holistic admissions process that considers prior academic achievement, standardized test scores, healthcare experience, community service, research experience, personal motivation, communication skills, and life experiences in our admissions decisions. We strive to admit students who will be caring, compassionate healthcare providers who utilize the best available evidence to deliver exceptional care to those in need.

Contact Information:

Bruce Neimeyer, PhD
Vice President
Strategic Enrollment Management
Rosalind Franklin University
3333 Green Bay Road
North Chicago, IL 60064
p: (847) 578-8797
f: (847) 775-6559