Becoming a healthcare professional

At Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, we are committed to your future in healthcare.  Our integrated approach to interprofessional healthcare education sets the foundation for team-based patient centered care. We know and our students know that each team member has an integral part in working toward the wellbeing of a patient.

The road to becoming a healthcare professional can be long, but at RFUMS we are dedicated to partnering with our students on that journey. From the day we meet you as a prospective student – we support you in achieving your goals.

No matter which career choice you have made in the health professions, you can benefit by taking the following steps to becoming a competitive applicant.  


There are many options within healthcare today and RFUMS offers many of those degree programs. All make valuable contributions to patients’ health in different ways. A good way to find your niche is to explore different careers by volunteering or working alongside healthcare professionals. This time and experience will give you valuable insight into the profession that you’ve chosen.

Academic Preparation

A strong academic foundation will help you to be prepared for the rigors of graduate programs in the health sciences. For most programs, your undergraduate major does not have to be in the sciences, but you must be sure to take all required pre-requisite courses for your chosen degree program.


When applying for graduate programs, you’ll often be asked for letters of recommendation. The requirements for these letters may include letters from professors, research mentors, healthcare professionals or supervisors. Getting to know these people on a personal and professional level can help ensure strong letters of recommendation that truly reflect your aptitude and drive towards the profession.

Do Your Research

Be sure you understand the admissions process.  First, know when the application opens, the requirements for application and admission and the admissions deadlines and timelines for decisions. Each program, school and college does things a little differently so be sure you do your research early.