About Us
The Office of Student Housing is a small, but mighty team ready to assist students in transitioning to the University community. We are staffed by a responsive and dedicated team of three Community Managers (one per building), an Administrative Assistant and the Coordinator of Student Housing. 

The Student Housing Team:

The Community Manager is a full time student who is trained to provide program planning, peer support, assist students in adjusting to the community, and to help ensure policies are observed.  Talk to your Community Manager about activities you would like to see in your building. Community Managers are also excellent resources, as they are familiar with what is available throughout the University and surrounding North Chicago area. Community Managers are available throughout the year to assist with academic, personal, roommate, and community living concerns.

The Administrative Assistant works in conjunction with the Coordinator of Student Housing and Community Manager staff to provide administrative support for the department. She works directly with students on issues related to billing, Student Housing Contracts, and other business matters.

Mary Lopez
Administrative Assistant

The Coordinator of Student Housing is a professional Student Affairs educator who holds an advanced degree in College Student Personnel/Higher Education. She also brings experiences from other residence life systems.  She supervises the Community Managers and is responsible for the overall management of the Student Housing program.

Jennifer D. Smith
Coordinator of Student Housing

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